Reflection on Motherhood

reflections on motherhoodYou know, whenever we think or discuss God, we consider the image of our Father, our Heavenly Father…But, Did you know that one of God’s names is El Shaddai?

That name means the “all sufficient one”.
That name of God reflects the character of God that embodies the sufficiency of His Parenthood…being both Fatherly and “motherly”.

In Genesis 1:26, we see that God took from Adam a rib and “formed” “woman”.
The scripture goes on to say that, “In the image of God were made both male and female. No, I am not calling God a “she” or Mother God or anything like that. But there is a “reflection of Motherhood” in the nature of God that we are going to reflect on today.

Most of us have seen a mother hen clucking and all the little chicks running to gather under her wings for safety and protection. In Matthew 23:37, Jesus is approaching Jerusalem from the Mount of Olives, he fixes His eyes on the Holy City of God, and as He does His heart is broken as He thinks of their rebellion and unbelief 

”O Jerusalem, Jerusalem … how often would I have gathered thy children together, even as a hen gathereth her chickens under her wings, and ye would not!”

Jesus is saying, “I have the kind of motherly love for you that a mother hen has for her chicks; I would have gathered you to me, under the protection of my wings; but you would not respond to my call!”

In Isaiah 66:13 we find a motherly promise of God: “As one whom his mother comforts, so will I comfort you.” It is the promise of our God; He will comfort us as our loving mother comforted us as children, when our hearts were fearful of many things.

So it is with God, who loves us with a mother’s love, weeps with us with a mother’s sorrow, comforts us as a mother, when all other helpers fail and comforts are gone.
God reveals His nurturing heart through a mother’s love.

There is a mother in the bible called Jochebed.
She was the mother of Moses and she was used mightily in God’s plan to deliver the nation of Israel. Jochebed lived in a time when the male children of the Hebrew people were being slaughtered by decree of Pharaoh.

With a heart which I’m sure was broken in a million pieces, she packed her baby boy in a basket and sent him down the Nile, praying and believing that somehow the God of her forefathers would intervene on behalf of her child. She believed in miracles and believed that her God would hear and answer her prayers.

At the other end of the Nile was another woman.
A woman who did not have a son, but yearned for one.
She was the Pharaoh’s daughter and she was placed by the river at the exact moment that baby Moses floated by. She took him and raised him as her own.

Two women, different ends of the spectrum.
Mothers used by God to raise a child that neither one of them knew would be the “Deliverer” of the Hebrew people!

They nurture by their very nature.
They pray with pure and profound passion that is incomparable.
They love unconditionally and sacrificially 
And they live and will die for those they love.
They love from the womb and even unto the grave…
For the true purpose of a mom is to reveal the heart of God.

Today is Mother’s Day.
It is as Unique a Day as the Women we are honoring.
There are all different kinds of mothers and every one of them is being honored today.
Motherhood brings out a unique and priceless part of our womanhood that cannot be brought out in any other human being…

So, today, I commend mothers in every circumstance, shape and form.
First, we have our own moms: 
Those living, those that have passed, those that are sick, Christian moms and even unbelieving moms…There is no denying that our moms mold us, shape us and influence us.

For those of you who no longer have your mother with you, or whose mothers are now old and frail and ailing: Treasure the memories of days gone by and Cherish all the moments that are left…do not let them pass in regret.

Remember her teachings, remember her spirit, remember her tears and remember her counsel….and whether you witnessed them or not… remember her prayers… 

Abraham Lincoln is quoted as saying:

“I remember my mother’s prayers and they have always followed me.
They have clung to me all my life.”

Did you know that your mother’s prayers have the capacity to “follow you”?
Did you know that your prayers “follow and overshadow” your children?
I am convinced that the power of a praying mother is unlike any other power that we know.
It has the capacity to move mountains, change hearts, save lives and impact generations.
What an honor…what a privilege.

Then, we have ourselves: daughters who are now moms.
Whether we are married moms, single moms, moms with Christian children or moms with “lost” children. Whether those children are rebellious, whether those children have passed, or even if those children are missing or gone out of our lives with no clue as to where they are or how they’re doing…God has made us their mothers with a unique purpose and task for their particular lives.

I. Single Moms: 

For the single mom who never planned on doing this alone: “May you be consistently strengthened by your heavenly Father, and may you hear His voice “singing over you” knowing that His banner (His covering) over you is Love. 

II. Working Moms: 

For the mother who works outside the home or maybe you’re called to ministry (whether she’s single or married) and you labor to build a home for your family as well: May you be given energy, validation and continual hope and wisdom as you juggle from one world to another. May your identity be so established in God that you would be able to be the wife, the woman and the mother that God has designed you to be.

III. Mothers with bad childhoods:
For moms who had poor mothers themselves or even no mothers at all, maybe your mother failed in her assignment to “train you up in the way you should go”…Today, you have a choice: You can choose to be a victim of your past or “victorious” over your circumstance…Today you can choose to Refuse to let that pattern of motherlessness and orphanhood repeat itself in your family:
May you begin a Godly legacy with your children that it may carry on for all your generations to come. 

IV. Mothers with “prodigal children” 

God says to you this Mother’s Day: “There is not a tear that you have shed nor a prayer that you have prayed that God does not hold in a heavenly cup of remembrance.” When I went through a traumatic experience with one of my former prodigal children…I remember distinctly the Spirit of God speaking to my heart and telling me: simply because of the mercies you have stored up as David, I have saved her and I have kept her that she may be restored. Mother, your prayers are not in vain…Keep praying. Your God hears the cries of your heart.

V. Barren women/Women with no biological children:
It grieves me to say that there are parents who do not want or appreciate or can handle the children that God has given them…so to you O’ barren woman: If you have never known the blessing of having children of your own, let me remind you today that there are many children, young adults and even adults (both men and women alike) who are in desperate need of nurturing and mentoring and most of all…they are aching for a mother’s love… May God infuse in you a nurturing heart and spirit that stirs up a burning love within you, and “May God give you the children that nobody wants”.

In Revelation 12:1-5, a woman is travailing in childbirth, and a dragon is waiting at her feet to destroy her child as soon as it is born. Now this scene is of the birth of Christ. But let me say something very clearly, the enemy of our soul, the enemy of our children’s souls is still “after the child”.

How this world needs mothers who have courageous faith and determine to walk in obedience to God’s word! This generation needs mothers who are courageous enough to demonstrate conviction about the things of God – mothers who love God, who love the Word of God, and who love His Church and love the Lord supremely. That’s what the world needs!

To be a Godly mother is to reflect the character of God.
A mother’s finest motherly qualities are simply an extension of the character of God. Yet, no mother, in her own strength, can reflect the motherly qualities of God as she should; no mother, in her own strength, can be the redeeming force in her child’s life that she ought to be, without a holy and sanctified relationship to God yourself. 

To be a Godly mother means a lot of pressure and a lot of responsibility, but listen carefully: it is the highest calling in all the world to be a Godly mother…to be a praying mom.

If you are a mom, I honor you; and encourage you to be faithful and obedient to your God.
You are worthy of high honor. Never take the responsibilities of motherhood lightly nor let anyone demean that “title”. 

Mother…today…remember that you leave a legacy of love that will last for all eternity.

Consider today that honor so that your children may say:
“I thank MY God upon every remembrance of you” Philippians 1:3

Happy Mother’s Day to you all!



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