Courage is spelled L-I-V-E.

The post was originally written in 2013. Two years after the loss of my son.
Tonight, another mom mourns the loss of her young adult son.
Gone way too soon. Way too young.
And so, I reblog this. In honor of her pain. her loss. her grief. Two mother-hearts walking a road neither one of us would ever have chosen yet left with no choice but to endure. May your heart be upheld as you walk your road. In your own pace. In your own time. May Grace & Peace be your constant companions….

My Secret Place

Being Brave….The very word conjures up visions of of a barechested warrior with painted face, crossbow and arrows galloping barebacked on a sinewy stallion.  Or on a more contemporary note, a firefighter in full gear rushing into a burning building to save the desperate ones trapped inside.

But me? “Brave”??
Hmmm…no thank you!  I’ve lived long enough to know what it means to be brave…..long enough to know the costs.

As much as we’d love to have bravery similar to the great epic films onscreen, for most of us, bravery is something as simple as finding the ‘strength’ to carry on another day.

Have you ever wanted to simply, quietly, just slip away?  Has life ever beaten you down so badly, you just wanted to close your eyes and simply stop.  everything? The betrayal of a husband.  The doctor’s report of a terminal disease. The loss of a loved one.  The…

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