For the Trill of the Caged Bird…Tribute to Lady Maya Angelou.


I know why the caged bird sings by Maya Angelou
“Each time a woman stands up for herself, without knowing it possibly, without claiming it, she stands up for all women.”

You know you are known when everyone knows you by your first name.

Mention the name Maya, and there can be little wondering who you’re referring to…at least not to most.  And most is so so many. Young. Old. Believer. Non-believer. Man. Woman. Child. Black. White. Yellow and Brown. If you’ve ever read poetry of any kind, odds are you have come across the words of Lady Maya Angelou.

Today, as I read my morning devotional, had my morning coffee and watched the morning news, the world was informed of her passing.

I sat there grieving the deep loss of this exceptional and phenomenal woman even as I recalled, how her poems have been used as literal lifelines in two catalytic events in my own life.

One (“Still I Rise“) was used to begin a collection of Voices of the Soul at the founding of our family ministry Fierce Woman Found while the other (“I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings“) was used in the eulogy at the burial of my son.

Because that’s what her words do…they allow you to encompass ‘life’ and ‘death’ in all its joy, sorrow, pain, purpose, hope and dreams.

In a world where heros are few and sheros are fewer still, Lady Maya stood as a beacon of light and beauty, dignity and inner strength.  A model of distinction and class with just the right bit of ‘sass’.

Lady Maya. Known for her poems, her books, her quotes and her quiet strength.
Civil Rights Activist. Artist. Actress.
But most of all….a skilled and gifted Word-smith leaving a legacy of depth, dignity, compassion, respect, hope and love.
What a legacy. What a woman. What a mother to this generation.

And so, as I sit and contemplate how to best honor such an individual, I consider that it can only be done by being ‘like’ such an individual. After all, isn’t that all she would have asked?
Be the best human being that YOU can be.
Give dignity, compassion, hope and love to your loved ones and to your fellow human beings or as she puts it herself:
Phenomenal women are always a Rainbow in somebody else’s cloud. ❤



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