Breaking Free Online Bible Study: “Introduction Session”

Breaking Free: Introduction

Welcome to Breaking Free!

This study certainly promises to be life changing for all of us!!  I am so thrilled to be walking through this study with each of you!
I can’t WAIT to get into this study with you all because, just like Beth, Isaiah 61 is my life message too.
isaiah61 "Healing the Broken hearted and Setting the Captives free
It is the scripture that the LORD used when He called me into ministry.  In the middle of a Sunday morning worship service, many years ago, His Presence ‘overshadowed’ me and said: “I have called you to ‘heal the broken-hearted and set the captives free’.
How Marvelous are His Works that He would place this study of “Isaiah 61” on my heart as the very first online study!

If you are not familiar with Beth Moore Bible studies, you are in for such a treat!  She’s my kind of preacher/teacher!  Lover of the Word, “Explorer of the Word, Holy Spirit filled and head over heels in love with Jesus!  Woohoo! Just the introductory lesson alone has me blessed me so much and has me all ‘fired’ up! God has great things in store for us all!

Let’s cover the basics… Remember, we are not doing the Breaking Free study in a “normal” setting, so this will be a learn as we go process. Please, please feel free to send me a quick email or leave a comment here if you have any questions at all!
Again, you can go here to purchase the book and download the audio/video sessions for each week of the study.
The audio/video sessions are $4.99 each but boy are they worth it!

If you do not have your book yet, don’t despair! You can also use this link to download and print “Week 1″ of the study so you can keep up with the daily lessons for at least another week!

Each week has a series of five daily lessons {which will be your ‘homework’} for you to complete before our next “session.”
Expect each day’s homework to take you about 30-45 minutes to complete.  There may be some times that you are not able to complete the lesson in one sitting, and that’s ok. We all have our own lives and responsibilities to attend to, so interruptions are expected. Just be sure to come back to the lessons and do your best to complete all five before the following Sunday.

Whatever you do, Please don’t give up if you get a little behind! I’m sure we will all struggle a bit to always be on track as we go through the next ten weeks!

For my personal study time, I use the following great online resources: (for quick scripture and verse lookup) (for Hebrew/Greek concordance searches) (for just our regular English word definitions)

Those of you who know me and have even taken my ‘bible classes/teachings in the past, you know that I always tell my students to have their Bible (whatever version you prefer) and an English dictionary. Why? Because so many times we “think” we know the meaning of a word or we use it in only one context, but when we look up the definition, it  opens up the word so much more!

I think that’s all of the logistics of getting started. Let me know if I forgot to cover something!

For those of you taking the study, we will have the following weekly format on our private group page:
What will our FWF Online “Sunday Session” look like?

Every Sunday, I will post:
1. Synopsis (a small summary) of the lesson
2. Key scriptures of the week
3.”Go Deeper” questions
4.’Take away’ phrases.

The “go deeper” questions are for your personal reflection.  They’re designed for us to do just that: let this study and the Word of God ‘go deeper’ and cause us to come up higher! You can share if you feel led, but you don’t ‘have’ to.

I would also love for each one of us to list a “take-away” phrase or statement.  This would be a great way for us as a group to hear what God is showing you, teaching you, growing you ~ as we go through this study together!!

  • Beth shares her definition of bondage:

“Bondage is anything that hinders us from  the fullness of who God has called us to be.”

Are you ready to Break Free from anything that hinders you from the fullness of God?! I sure am!
Ready to join us for this journey? Subscribe to this blog and let me know over on our facebook page that you’ve just joined so I can add you to our private group!
Would love to see you all there!

Blessings and prayers this week!

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