**NEW – FWF Online Bible Study – “Breaking Free” Coming March, 2014!!

Spend Sunday nights with us and the Word!
Spend Sunday nights with us and the Word!

Hey Ladies, guess what?
I’ve got some really exciting news!!!

Fierce Woman Found Ministries will be hosting our very first Online Bible Study and it is sure to be life-transforming!

Starting Sunday March 2, 2014, we will be journeying through “Breaking Free” The Journey, The Stories, a 10-week Bible study written by bestselling author Beth Moore.
Maybe you’ve never heard of Beth Moore, or have never had the privilege of being blessed through one of her studies, well…here is your chance and now is the time.

As women, we all have hurts, obstacles, and disappointments to overcome in our lives.
Though the circumstances may be different, the need is still the same. We all need to break free. Regardless of the circumstances, there are areas in our lives where we have been held captive too long, and this is not the life God would have us to lead.  God spoke to us in December at Fierce Woman Found Ministries and told us 2014 is the season to “Pull in closer,
Go in deeper and Come up higher” into His Presence and into our Purposes and we are determined to help you “Break Free” from those hurts, wounds and bondages that are hindering you from doing just that!

So, Here’s how it will go:

I will share a summary of each week’s lesson, as well as a personal application here on this blog as well as on the private facebook group forum.

You’ll each read the workbook at home, a chapter each week. You’ll have daily homework assignments which require 30-45 minutes to complete. Then, once a week, we’ll “meet online” at our private bible study group forum page to discuss that week’s chapter and lesson.  This will be a time for us to share our ‘takeaways’, our insights and our challenges.  This is also a time for us to share on a deeper level in an intimate and confidential environment. In addition to our bible study fan page and private group page, we will also have a ‘prayer wall’ where everyone can go to post prayer requests, share needs and basically pray and intercede for one another as we ‘walk through the hard places.

So, be sure to “Like” our  new FWF “Going Deeper & Coming Up Higher page (Fierce Woman Found Online Bible Study Page)  to view updates and keep informed of any changes or study related news.

Here’s just a small ‘taste’ of what’s in store for us…

Are you in yet? …Great!

What you’ll need to join the Fierce Woman Found Ministries Breaking Free Online Bible Study

  • Get a copy of the UPDATED **Breaking Free the Journey Workbook** from Lifeway, Amazon or any Christian bookstore.
  • Subscribe to our weekly updates by joining our email list on this blog page (right hand side)
  • Once study begins, you will be asked to join our private facebook group forum.

**Please be sure get the UPDATED Breaking Free, the Journey The Stories 2009 Edition and NOT the 1999 version.
Your book should like like the one in our photo. The Workbook version (member book) is required for the study

How to Join the Fierce Woman Found (FWF) Bible Study Private Group Forum

1.  Location of the NEW small group chatroom and prayer wall be announced at the start of the Bible study.

2.  A valid email address is required for signing up.
3. Once you’ve signed up for the study, you will be asked to join the private forum
4. Please allow 24 hours for one of the group admins to review and approve access.
Don’t forget, active participation in the study is required for access to the private group forum.

New to Fierce Woman Found Ministries, Inc (FWF)??

Come on over to our facebook organizational page,  read our mission statement and goal to see how it all started and what we’re all about!

We are so excited about this new dimension of our ministry and eagerly look forward to all God will do!

See you in March!


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