“Saving Grace”…Eucharisteo and Sozo.

“Am I saved Granma?”

My grandson’s small 6 year old face looked up at me with ‘baited’ breath.

The question on his lips reflected the expectant hope in his eyes as he waited for my answer.

“For the message of the cross is foolishness to those who are perishing, but to us who are being saved it is the power of God.” ~ I Corinthians 1:18

His question, moved by the scripture on the back of the neck chain I just gave him, looked for assurance that he is counted in the group of “those that are being saved”. He wanted to be sure that he was not of the foolish perishing but of “us” being saved.
Yet, at the same time, his question was asking something else too… “what does it mean to be saved?”

What a question.  What an opportunity.  What Grace.

Nothing in me (or you) can ‘work’ the heart to receive what is purely God’s to give.  No amount of research. No titles or “Offices”. No big and illustrious words.

Nothing but Sweet, Divine and Holy Grace.

mygrans To speak of the great mysteries of God in such a way that a 6 year old can understand is done with, and only with, the GRACE of God.  With FAITH in Him. In who HE is and what HE does.  The work of the Holy Spirit.  The comforter, the ‘preparer’ of hearts. The One who ‘woos’ us unto and reveals Christ that Christ might reveal the Father.

It’s why Jesus said, “come unto Him as a little child”….with simple faith.
What a gift to be given.  What a joy to receive.  What an honor to impart.

And so I, with baited breath as well, share the story of Love, Grace and Forgiveness and Hope to my grandson.  He’s heard it before in church.  He’s read it in the Word.
But this day, God ordained for this one scripture to bring him to Salvation

Today, as I spend the morning in prayer thanking Him for the honor and privilege of rearing my grandchildren in their spiritual journey and asking Him to continue to teach me and keep me mindful of how to raise these precious little ones in the ‘fear and admonition’ of the Lord, I am given this instruction from the Word.

“He who sacrifices thank offerings honors me, and he prepares the way so that I may show him the salvation of God” (Psalm 50:23 NIV).

Ann Voskamp, in her amazingly anointed daily blog, A Holy Experience, writes today about the very question asked my grandson…being saved. Sozo.  She writes:

“And [Jesus] said to him, ‘Having risen, be going on, thy faith has saved thee.’” ((Luke 17:17–19 – Young’s Literal Translation)

Saved thee? I dig deeper. It’s sozo in the Greek. Many translations render sozo as being made “well” or “whole,”
but its literal meaning,  — “to save.” Sozo means salvation.

In seeking how to teach my grandchildren in the ‘way’, I am given, through the Psalms, (the book of Song) and through “Ann”, beloved instrument of God’s Grace, a foundational rock not to be overlooked. Not to be thought small or insignificant in light of  all the ‘deep revelatory doctrines and truths’.

This one simple application…being and living thankful in all ways and returning thanks to God so that they/we may have ‘Sozo’.” 

To be thankful for His gift of life. His gift of forgiveness. His gift of love. His gift of Hope. That’s “Eucharisteo”.
To receive the gift and to live ever returning to Him to give thanks…That’s “Sozo”.

Thanksgiving and Praise. It’s not about the ‘literal’ song, but about the ‘lyrics’ that my heart/life speaks to the Lord. The melody of my actions expressed in love through thanking and returning.

Above all things, I want my heart to bear the fruit of Eucharisteo and Sozo. That my children and grandchildren can enjoy that rich inheritance and “eat the fruit” thereof…

Every day I fall short.  Every day I must return to HIM like the grateful leper.

Help me Holy Spirit to live that day by day.


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