Stones and Giants

Never wear another’s armor when going into battle. God has an ‘armor’ anointed just for you…your very own “Smooth Stone” forged and fashioned to take down the giants in your path!

Good News to the Nations

Dear Friends,

Special love and greetings to you.  I hope this  finds you strong and courageous.  My heart is overflowing when I think of Jesus. I just came out of a heavy rain conference and am so aware of His everlasting love, care, and goodness. God is touching the lives of so many people, and I am amazed as I see how He performs His promises to mankind.


I thank the Lord for His anointing.  David, the great Psalmist of the Old Testament, was anointed by Samuel in 1 Samuel 16: 13 and we find these key words: “…and from that day forward …

Once anointed, you will move forward but that does not mean everything will just go smooth in life. David had to go through some obstacles. He was still taking care of the sheep, and ultimately, his father gave him cheese and…

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