He came to me with Love…

He didn’t come to me with rock and anvil.  
He didn’t come to me with brimstone and pain.
He came to me with Love.

In my dirt, in my squallor, I expected to be stoned.
In my drugged drunkenness, I should’ve been stoned.
But instead
He came to me with Love.

I was covered in filthy rags,
ashamed…oh so ashamed.
Couldn’t bear to have Him look at me.
But not for a moment, did He remove His gaze.

And as I wept with despairing shame, I pled…

“Please don’t look at me.
I’m too dirty…”
To which He simply. deeply. softly. responded
“My Child…I Have Loved You With An Everlasting Love…”jeremiah313

What do you do with a love like this???
How do I respond to a God like this???
Who can resist a love like this???

Arrows of fiery love
Piercing the darkness with its marvelous light.
Breaking through my stone-encased heart.
Bursting it open wide.
Making it  Alive. Aware.  Awake.

Chains breaking
Shame shaking
Eyes opened
Heart set free.

His Word spoken became a watershed broken
and there I knelt
Drenched in His cleansing waters
as the riverfall of His love
washed and washed and washed over me.

All of His Waves and Breakers washed over me…

And In that stream, I was
Cleansed. Delivered. Healed. Set Free. 

Forgiven and Saved.

Of all the ways He could’ve come….
He came to me

with Love…


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