A Wall of Fire Around Our Heart

I am a worshipper by ‘heart’.

Does that make me emotional?  I guess it does, although I prefer the term “passionate”.  And quite frankly, I have to say that for too long, ‘emotions’ have gotten a ‘bad name’.  Women are judged to be inconsistent and have even been disqualified from leadership (inside and outside of the church), executive decisions and so many other forums because they are deemed to be ‘emotional creatures’.

Yet, God created us with emotions.  I personally believe to live fully, you must do it passionately. Most times that’s good. But, sometimes, it’s bad.

Let’s face it.  Healed or unhealed.  Mature. Seasoned. Christians.  We all have days when our emotions get the best of us.  Times that simply push us over the edge.  And, while it may seem simplistic and fundamental, the best way I have found to ground myself in the heat of anger and emotions is to lose myself in worship.

In those moments where I find my emotions churning like a raging sea, I turn on fiery prophetic worship and allow the Presence of God to work in my overwhelmed heart.

There is a sanctifying and purifying that occurs in our hearts as the fire of deeply anointed prophetic worship fills our very being.  God’s fire burns off the dross and the chaff of our raging emotions, and ‘settles us down’ allowing us to be still and hear His Voice in the midst of the storm.

When all else fails to calm, soften, convict, soothe and heal me…it is worship music that moves me and stirs me deep within like nothing else can.

Speaking of His beloved city Jerusalem, the Lord spoke to Zechariah and said:

“…And I myself will be a wall of fire around it (Jerusalem),
declares the LORD, ‘and I will be its Glory within.” ~ Zech. 2:5

David knew this full well.  Having penned most of the psalms, many of which were written in his most anguished times, David’s solace would come only as he released his worship to God through song.

Another king experienced the soothing of the savage beast from David himself.  The bible tells us how the tormenting spirit that harangued Saul would leave only as David played the Lyre.

He that has no rule over his own spirit is like a city that is broken down, and without walls. – Proverbs 25:28

So what does that mean exactly?  A city with broken down walls?
Walls around a city were built for protection, safety and defense.  A city’s walls were therefore a ‘sign’ of their fortitude and strength.  The greater the walls, the more fortified the city.  So then, a city whose walls were in ruins, were open game for anyone and anything.

Same scenario with our souls…anything can come in and anything can get out.

Here’s the thing though.  The same walls that serve to protect us and keep things in are also the same walls that can be used by a wounded heart to keep things out…even if those ‘things’ are good for us.  So, how can we rebuild our walls without cutting us off from what we need most? We can’t. But God can.

“Position God as the Gate-Keeper of your thoughts. Ask him to condition your brain to think positively. To capture lies. To hope. To change.” ~ Jo Ann Fore

“Every day we have a choice about how we feel. What does today hold for you? Peace and joy? Angst and strife?

We need to choose the truth of God’s word despite how we feel.
God, in His infinite wisdom and love can properly gauge what should and shouldn’t have entry/exit into our hearts and minds.
For this very reason, God not only instructs us to position Him as ‘Gate-Keeper’ of our thoughts, but He desires to be a ‘Wall of Fire’ round about our hearts through Worship and Praise.

Maybe yours is not prophetic worship but the deeply soothing tones of a haunting medley on the piano or the soulful sounds of a violin…whatever the tune, tone or genre, one thing remains true…Music is a universal language and the right ‘sound’ can tame even the wildest of beasts.

What sound is in your heart?  Is there a song needing to be released?
Is there a melody long lost and forgotten, hidden and ‘protected’ behind walls of isolation, suspicion and self-preservation?

Allowing the sound of music and presence of God to penetrate our thingswestuffhearts and minds helps us release those toxic emotions and stuffed hurts and makes room for the healing of God to take place.

In the river of that healing, our hearts can then flow in health, having had our need for love and acceptance satisfied in the Presence of the King and strengthened to confidently bring forth the true beauty of our emotions as God originally intended.

How about you?  How do you maintain a confident heart?
I’d love to hear from you.  If this blog has resonated with you, share your comments below and please share it forward!


2 thoughts on “A Wall of Fire Around Our Heart

  1. This brought tears to my eyes, joy to my heart and a smile – I am passionate too, and have learned that my emotions don’t need to be denied because of how someone wishes I would be. God tempers and fires me up, and when we rest upon Him we are on a solid foundation regardless of how open or quiet our passions may be! Bless you!

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