When a Woman Finds Her Voice Book Launch!

“God is in the details!”
I am a strong believer of this.  I have watched God move in the finest and most seemingly mundane things and decisions in my life enough times to know that He is always working. I like to call it “God-Purpose”.

This proved to be particularly true this past summer as I responded to an email from Jo Ann Fore, author of “When a Woman Finds Her Voice”.  She was ‘casting a net’ to women who were willing to receive a draft copy of her book and help launch her new book by joining her team.

God tugged. I responded.  Though I never really expected to hear back…God, once again, was in the details.  Thus a group of us (about 80 women from all over the country and globe) began our ‘healing journey’.

Now, after months of reading, connecting, growing and journeying together through this book, we are celebrating the official launch of the book with her!

bookcover“When a woman finds her Voice” speaks straight to the heart of any woman that has ever been wounded, hurt, violated or in pain. But more importantly, it speaks to every woman’s heart with a ‘voice’ of compassion and authenticity that leads you to the Throne of Grace and Healing.

I found myself crying, sighing, praying, reflecting and releasing as I read Jo Ann’s story and those of my courageous sisters. And with each chapter, I found ‘Grace-threads’ of my own story and voice woven in there too. This is not a quick read at all, but rather a healing journey.

It is a “sit-down, quiet-down and let your Heavenly Father pour forth His Balm on those stuffed hurts” kind of journey. It will challenge you, and as you bravely rise to the challenge, you will surely ‘find your voice’.

Here’s a note from Jo Ann herself:

I’m celebrating the release of my new book, When A Woman Finds Her Voice. And for everyone who purchases the book this week {10/29-11/5} and emails the receipt to me {by 11/8/2013}, I’m going to send you some pretty awesome bonuses, well, just because I’m honored you would share your reading time and your heart with me. So shoot me that email and watch for these goodies:

  • A collection of downloadable images and uplifting quotes from the book to inspire you.
  • Frameable printables: Ten Tips to Finding Your Voice, and The Pledge {a reminder to make daily intentional choices that bring lasting change}.
  • A digital copy of Write Where It Hurts, a journal featuring one hundred days (200 pages) of perspective-changing writing prompts along with inspiring quotes to lead you on a healing journey.
  • One ticket to the upcoming Hope Coaching webinar where you will learn to put the past in it’s place and start hoping forward.
  • A chance at winning a goody basket with over $300 worth of books and resources for hurting women. {Great for those who are walking through a hard place, or for women who work with those who are hurting!}

Click HERE to go to Jo Ann’s blog page.


One of my favorite parts of the celebration is an Online Bible Study that will begin on November 18th. With a book such as this, sharing your reading experience in ‘community’ is a vital part of the healing process and an online study is a great way for us to do just that.  You can sign up for the Online Bible Study HERE.

Finally, no celebration would be complete without a party!
We’ll be having one of those too! A Facebook Party & Book Giveaway is happening on Monday November 4th from 8-9pm EST.  You can check that out here HERE and be sure to share the invite!

Convinced yet?  Good! Now, click here to get your copy from Amazon.com

Praying for you and looking forward to having you come alongside the army of women arising in their healing and finding their “Voice”.


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