A Safe Place to Land…

Releasing the hurt...Receiving the healing

“…Embittered in spirit, Hannah made her way to God, pouring out her soul like a flask of costly oil. The aroma of Hannah’s sacrifice floated right into the hands of God’s goodness and mercy. Here, she was safe. Safe to vent. Safe to wonder. And safe to strike a deal with God.” – Jo Ann Fore

As I read that line in the book, my heart sighed deeply. I leaned my head back in my chair, closed my eyes and quietly remembered.

Oh, how I know Hannah’s prayer. How I know about the ‘pouring out’. The tears that come from the mocking and the ridicule of those in your very own community, and most especially, the depth of the pain when it comes from the very ones in the household of faith.

It can make you and it can break you. The very same community God uses to strengthen and encourage you can sometimes turn and devastate you and even shut you out of their circles. I have found myself on both sides of the spectrum. Greatly used within community, deeply damaged by community and now…receiving healing within community.

Yet, the last thing I wanted at this point was another ‘community’.
After being greatly hurt by my own house of faith and then again by a small group of women whom I had poured my heart and life out to, I was done with community. So, like Hannah, I made my bargain with God and it went something like this:

“Lord, I am willing to serve and willing to be your voice and hands and heart, but I need to keep my heart right ‘here with You and only You’. I’ve been bold and courageous, I’ve stepped out of the boat, I took the risk and look what it got me! I’ve been deeply hurt, not once, but twice! I know we (women) need and deserve a safe place and I know you’ve called me to provide that for them. But, I too deserve a safe place for my own heart and it seems the only ‘safe place’ for me is with You and You alone.

Yet, even as my lips and my pain said no, the part of my heart shaped by God for connection, had a different plea. And though I wasn’t actively ‘searching’ for more community (was, in fact, trying to avoid it), God used a simple courageous ‘voice’ to reach out and ask for help in launching her book, “When a Woman Finds Her Voice”.

So it was, that I found myself reading the email from Jo Ann Fore this past summer on being part of her book launch team. Looking back, I remembered a sense of ‘hope and purpose’ stirring, but shrugged it off with a feigned indifference and told myself that I was only doing it because it seemed like a ‘nice opportunity’.

So it is that I find myself here now, having read a preview copy of her book which turned out to be God’s divine tool for introducing me to a whole new community of amazing and inspiring women. What am I doing here Lord among all these writers and authors? I am neither. Yet, GOD in His infinite wisdom brought me to a prepared place for this next unknown leg of my journey…writing and blogging.

When others try to keep you out of their circles…GOD will open up a whole new sphere for you because you just can’t be kept out when you’re plugged in to HIM. He is our Way Maker.

After all, HE created us for fellowship. How can He promise to bring forth His purpose in our lives and yet leave us in isolation, even if that isolation is ‘masked’ by the need to be with Him only?

Picking up my copy of the book, I continued reading. Once again, my heart sighed as I read:

“Every significant loss deserves a period of dedicated grief. Not a frenzied, negatively charged feeling, but a mourning process that honors the loss while it grounds us in a new normal.” – Jo Ann Fore

That was it. That was the missing piece….the honoring of the loss.

In the pain of betrayal, broken trusts and broken relationships, we all need an environment conducive to the grieving process which ‘honors the loss’ in order to properly heal. And if that honor cannot be found in the formerly damaged community, then know that God will provide a new community.

Forgiveness does not always lead to reconciliation. Sometimes, forgiveness means to simply surrender the pain and hurt to God, refuse to retaliate and trust God to lead you to a ‘safe place’ where the healing can be walked through unhindered.

So, here I find myself. In this place. In this community. A healing community that is simply honoring one another’s loss and softly walking alongside each other in our God journeys.
…Because even the beautifully broken need a safe place to land.

Your story matters. Your voice is important. And there is a healing community where your loss will be honored so that you can be healed.
We connect on our blogs by linking hearts {and words} with one another under a different prompt each week. Won’t you join us?

Jo Ann Fore

16 thoughts on “A Safe Place to Land…

  1. So glad to find your blog through Jo Ann’s linkup today. What truth and joy-in-the-pain sincerity. This really stuck out: “When others try to keep you out of their circles…GOD will open up a whole new sphere for you because you just can’t be kept out when you’re plugged in to HIM.” That’ll keep a girl going when she feels off on the edge! Blessings!

    1. Hi Laurie, so glad you found it and that it ministered to you.You make me wanna insert a “WooHoo” in here! lol.
      Thank you for your support and encouraging words. Loving and Praising Him for the new sphere. And if we happen to go off the edge a bit, let’s spread our wings and fly! Blessings to you!

    2. Yes, one of my favorite spots as well, this new sphere that God opens up to keep us from being shut out, keeps us plugged into Him.

      Thanks for sharing friend. And Laurie, so neat to see you on the journey. ❤

      1. Amen Jo Ann. And what a sweetly sacred spot it is! Amazing how God does ‘exceedingly, abundantly, above and beyond all we could ever hope for or imagine when we courageously trust Him.

  2. “GOD will open up a whole new sphere for you because you just can’t be kept out when you’re plugged in to HIM. He is our Way Maker.” Thank you for your post today – It truly spoke to my heart. He is my Way Maker! Resting in that truth today. ~Victoria

  3. “He is our Way Maker” I LOVE that. Love. It. You just spoke right into my heart. Thank you. I’m sorry you’ve also been hurt by a community of believers. That hurts so much. I know for me, I find myself expecting more from my believing friends because they should know better. But having Jesus in us doesn’t make us perfect. Such a learning process. Thank you for sharing your heart so sweetly.

    1. Amen Melinda. You bless me with your encouragement. It is a learning and growing process for us all and Praise Be to God that He is Faithful and Able to keep what has been entrusted to Him…namely our ‘hearts’.

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