I will lead you in the way…

As we wrap up our hazy, lazy summer days our thoughts and prayers turn to books and lunchboxes and hurried mornings…all our children, friends and loved ones everywhere returning to school.

I pray the Lord lead them and guide them. I pray their hearts would be sensitive to hear and courageous to obey the Voice of their Heavenly Father in the face of any and all opposition and temptation. I pray the mind of Christ be made manifest within each of them as they learn and grow in the way they should go. May Kingdom peace fill their homes and the Heavenly Host of God’s Angel Armies go before them and protect them as they travel to and from school. I pray for new and healthy friendships filled with fun and joy.

I pray for parents everywhere that are struggling financially and relationally that the Presence and Peace of God would fill their homes and minds. May the resources of Heaven be released and poured out that even those who do not yet know you may call upon your name and know that there is only ONE true provider.

I pray for the teachers Lord. O that they may be acutely aware that they are accountable to YOU for the precious treasures entrusted in their hands. And I pray that YOU would in turn refresh and renew their strengths, their hopes, their dreams and inspire them anew with the vision that brought them to teach in the first place.

We send our children and loved ones to school Lord, but it is to YOU that we entrust them to. In Jesus’ Name. Amen.


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