Wounded Healers…

Reading the book of John in my prayer time this morning and meditating on just this one piece of scripture:

“…Gather up the fragments left over, so that nothing may be lost.” ~  John 6:13

This portion of scripture has ministered to me all my life. And this morning, as I come across this picture, I am led to read and meditate on this rich truth. And once again, the beauty of our Savior strikes me afresh and anew as only a Living Word can do.

Although there are so many ‘messages’ that can be had from this one parable, our focus today remains on the ‘Eyes’ of the Savior who sees ‘Abundance in the Pieces’ and a ‘Feast within the Fragments’. He doesn’t loosen his hold on what is broken and in pieces, but instead “gathers them up that ‘none might be lost”….

We’ve all eaten ‘Italian bread’ and know how ‘crumbly it gets when breaking off a piece. You have crumbs all over the counter, the floor, the table…. You see, broken bread will always naturally create crumbs and fragments that will fall to the side. But Jesus sees the ‘sustenance’ in those annoying fragments that we frustratingly clean up and sweep away. He knows that just because they’ve broken off and fallen to the wayside doesn’t make them any less ‘bread’ than the whole pieces.

What are you aware of that is fragmented in your life?
What’s not whole–yet worth putting back together?

Could it be that Jesus wants to gather all those fragments, not only for your sake, but to help feed each other, to help one another become whole again? Could it be that He sees a feast within our broken pieces and calls us to be ‘wounded healers’…gathering the fragments…..so that nothing may be lost?

Be encouraged this morning with the Master’s Vision.
He ‘sees’ every single piece & every single crumb. Understand that nothing in your life, in this life can cause you to become ‘useless’ once you’ve given it to Him.

There is abundance in your ‘pieces’ and a ‘feast’ in your fragments.

He will work it so that “NONE MIGHT BE LOST”. 


4 thoughts on “Wounded Healers…

  1. I have prayed in the past and called out to those pieces of my heart that had been fragmented and scattered to come back and be healed and made whole. Truly it is The Living Word!! Blessings sister. This is good ‘food’

  2. Thank you for this beautiful and comforting meditation on this verse. I am encouraged to trust God to provide meaning in the places/ways I feel are insignificant right now.
    Bless you,

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